Living in a large world of different locations has made it increasingly difficult to meet genuine people or Christian by works and not just professing Christians.  In order to safeguard our members, we have introduced this matchmaking and vetting service which though not a compulsory but advisable service. It is added to give you that bit of reassurance about that special person you’ve met on our site and with whom you wish to spend the rest of your life with.

After meeting someone on our site, you might choose to get familiar right away once you feel comfortable or engage us to check out the member by knowing their true personality to find out if they are who they claim to be.

As we have linked up with referencing agencies, we will commence our facts findings about your special somebody once you have satisfied all our requirements  for our referencing and matchmaking service. Once you have satisfied all of our requirements, we aim to complete our vetting service with full disclosure on your special somebody within a period of 10- 14 days depending on location. Thereafter, you are free to start making those life commitments with the assurance that you’ve crossed all your “T” s and dot your “ I”s.

All you need is to complete our matchmaking form and send us a request of your intention to engage us. We will usually respond within 3 working days and set the ball rolling by contacting you and the special person.

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