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    Another name for "Ball washer" is "Ball shagger". It is mainly a bit of equipment for the cleaning of dirty Tennis balls. As tennis balls have a rough surface in contrast to other balls and are mostly used on grassy surfaces, they tend to collect more dirt that may affect their aerodynamics properties.

    Ball washers can be either operated by hand or electronically. They mainly contain a cylindrical housing, where the ball to be clean is inserted. The ball that you play with may be the ball you must continue to use through the green and soon you hole out. You cannot clean it through the green, unless you are playing a scramble format or a rule permits you to lift, clean and place your ball back.

    Between holes is the greatest time and energy to properly clean your ball with a Baseball washer. The cleaning process takes place via circulating brushes. If we want to clean more number of balls then machines are employed which suck up can balls like a vacuum, wash them, clean them and put them in a separate net thereafter.

    We can mainly classify the washer in toe category as post-mounted and cart-mounted. Both contain reservoir filled up with cleaning solution, and fixed brushes and a manual plunger for cleaning the ball. The post-mounted type usually includes a towel attached and is usually located close to the middle tee box along the cart path on the driver’s side.

    golf ball washer of technology we can make use of washers which are battery powered, portable which washes the complete ball surface in one operation and yet is easy to operate and keep maintaining. Nay websites provide us with a wide range of "Ball washers" available, we can choose any of them as per our need.

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