Welcome to all our new members.

In the past two weeks, members have contacted me to express one concern or the other about this daunting and supposed new dating experience.

We all are used to face to face dating but some of us are unsure of what an online dating is all about.

I will advice all members to please add your profile pictures.

May i sound it loud that it is not a crime to be single. I suppose everyone on this platform are single as such there is nothing to hide.

Whilst online dating is slightly different from the conventional dating, it has it’s advantages and disadvantages.

I will be regularly updating us on tips to help us unravel this riddle and enjoy the life we were created to live.

Tip 1:

Register your profile truthfully, there is always that one person that will uniquely fall in love with you.

It does not matter what your age is or how many children or marriages that you’ve previously entered.

Suitors do not like deceitful partner. You are on a open market platform and ready to sell a product, which is your profile.

You have to be open, truthful and make it a good and interesting read for  interested suitor.

Tip 2

You don”t necessarily have to register with your full names. You could swap your names around or use a Nick Name.

All that matters is that all your profile are filled to be best of your knowledge. Once in contact with a potential suitor and you are at ease and at peace with the person, you can then unravel your identity.

Tip 3

You must add your picture. It is important to add at least one picture on your profile.

Imagine you are in a market place selling a product and you are hiding. Most members are mature and do not have time to waste. Once they see what they like, they go for it. It increases your chance of meeting someone if they are able to add a face to your profile.

Suitors are generally interested when they see the face of the person they are interested in. It makes you more marketable.


To be continued…




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